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you’re here for beer! and damn good beer at that.

we’re here to connect you to calgary’s vibrant craft beer scene and beyond.

your new favorite beer is out there, and we’ll help you find it.


Tour Packages

our mission - building connection and community within the amazing, every-growing craft beer/spirits scene in calgary - one tour at a time! WE WANT YOU TO GET PERSONAL WITH the FAVOURITE BEER YOU haven’t discovered yet. CHECK OUT our tour packages below, and join us in a venture to the fantastic breweries, distilleries, cideries, and meaderies in calgary and surrounding area.

3 Brewery Tours

We know you're busy! This Friday evening tour will get you there and back in a timely manner so you can still be home to watch the game, make dinner, or enjoy those finely-crafted beverages you just snagged.

4 Brewery Tours

Have a bit more time? Who are we kidding, it’s beer! More time, more beer! Join us for a Saturday jaunt through the city, and hit up four of Calgary’s fine craft beer, cider, or spirits establishments.

Custom / Private Tours

Have a special event coming up? Need a fun team-building or corporate event? Is there a custom line-up of craft breweries and distilleries you and your fellow beer lovers want to explore? Click on the button below, give us a little information on what you’re looking for, and let’s connect you to Calgary’s craft beer/spirits scene!

Contact Us

There’s so much beer going on in this city, you’re bound to have questions. We’re working on a quick FAQ to give you the gist of how we operate tours, but in the mean time - drop us a line if you have a question!

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Please select from the list, what tour yor're interested in joining or if you'd like to inquire about our custom tour packages.

Our pick-up and drop-off location

Tours start and finish at Alberta Beer Exchange (ABX), beside Sunalta LRT.
130 - 1642 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Marda Loop Brewing - Their Core 5

Marda Loop Brewing - Their Core 5


About US


Welcome to the family

Heya folks, Thanks for coming by!

I’m Andrew Wales, owner/operator, and along with my girl april, we are Calgary Craft Connection. As a modern, working class, monday-to-friday mechanic, I understand the need to unwind as much as you do. We all deserve the pleasure of being CHAUFFEURED around and fed beer! I don’t have all the hidden truths to what makes this world go around, but I can connect you with some great beers in calgary and the great people who make them! If you have any questions or concerns about our tours, options, breweries, the weather, or the probability of the Flames winning their next game, I can help with most of that. Have a look around and we look forward to connecting with you on tour!

Calgary Craft Connection

POB 94075 Elbow River P/O, Calgary AB, T2S0S4

Email :

Phone: (587)-434-8489



Can I bring minors/children on a tour?

Some of the breweries, distilleries, and/or cideries will allow minors up until a specific time, however this is brewery dependent. If you are looking at a particular date and want to know if your child can accompany you on the tour, please connect with us via email ( or through the contact form on our site (click here). We will do our best to accommodate these requests, but with limited seating on the shuttle we may ask for a small fee.

Is food at any of the brewery stops included in the tour price?

At this time, food is not included in the tour price - we are working on getting our tours going and will be working in the future to include either à la carte menu options or appetizer platters depending on the participating tour locations. Please note that many of the craft breweries, distilleries, and cideries offer food, and there’s plenty of time at each stop to grab a snack! We will also have snacks and water available on the tour vehicle for your consumption. We can have any hangry people roaming around!

Are your shuttles licensed to drink alcohol between tour stops?

We do not have a license for alcohol to be consumed on our shuttles at this time. Are we looking into it? No. Why? Well, for starters, you’re getting nearly a pint an hour on the tour, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be damn happy by the time we reach our end destination at Alberta Beer Exchange. We are not a booze cruise - Calgary Craft Connection tours are meant to be a safe and fun way to experience Calgary’s craft bevy scene, no one needs a drunk idiot spoiling the fun.

Is it only my flight or tasting that is included in the tour price?

Yes - anything else you wish to drink at any particular tour stop is up to you, this will not be covered in the cost of your tour.

What is your cancellation policy?

What if we want to book a tour but are worried about meeting the minimum people required?

How do your custom tours work?


A few key points we think it’s important you know - these will be reviewed either via the Terms and Conditions form when you are booking a tour, on our waiver, or verbally prior to the tour departure.

We are an inclusive, welcoming business.

Verbal abuse or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. If you are exhibiting any behaviour deemed to be intolerant, rude, or abusive, you will be removed from the tour with no refund.

This is NOT a pub crawl.

We mentioned it in the FAQ, but it bears repeating - drunkenness very well may happen on our tours, but it’s not our goal. We want everyone to genuinely experience the beers, spirits and and establishments we have curated on our lineups. We know everyone is bound to get a little tipsy, maybe even plain old drunk, but if you are deemed to be too intoxicated, as per AGLC rules our tour partners have the legal right to refuse service and our guide will support this decision. Our guide has ProTect and ProServe training and is well-versed in the art of managing uncooperating and intoxicated.

Our tours are meant to be a safe alternative for Calgarians and tourists alike to enjoy Calgary’s craft beer, spirit, and cider scene.

We in no way condone drinking and driving, and have endeavoured to set our tours up to ensure riders are safe after a day of tasting and sipping on Calgary’s fantastic craft brewery, distillery, and cidery offerings. If you require a specific pick-up or drop-off location, please connect with us via email ( or the contact form on our site (click here) so we can work together to make arrangements to prevent any potential drinking and driving. Depending on location, custom pick-ups/drop-offs may incur an additional fee.

You will be required to sign a waiver prior to tour departure.

Listen, we have to protect ourselves too. We want to ensure you are as safe as possible on your tour, but we can’t be held responsible for whatever you might do afterward. If you refuse to sign our waiver, you will not be allowed to embark on the tour - refunds at this point will be at the discretion of the tour guide. Click here to view the waiver.